• There's a rat living in my basement
    Every time I see it, it is getting bigger
    And I bet it's feeding off my worst nightmares
    I know it's eavesdropping
    Eating out my life.
    No bug bomb could ever feel my fears
    I know now I'm my own enemy.
    But when I close my eyes all that is gone
    Cause when I close my eyes I'm all alone
    I'm all alone 
    In the darkness of my own world
    I'm all alone 
    Behind the bars of my mental ward
    I'm all alone... I'm all alone...
    There's a cat I keep over feeding
    I'm afraid that she won't like me otherwise
    She'll get fat and sick and I'll be feeling
    Guilty like I always do.
    Story of my life.
    I'm my own enemy
    I'm all alone
    No one could kill my fears
    It's eating me a life
    I'm a bug bomb
    I'm a bug bomb