What do you see? – he asked.
In the morning, when you are awoken by the unbearable brightness of the sun, barging in through the window, by the street noise of a new busy day, and by the cheerful voices coming from the kitchen, before you open your eyes, in that moment, between your dreams and the reality, in that nothingness that is so precious, what do you see?

I see all of them – i said.
All of those who came before. Those I loved, those I despised… A crowd of souls that once entered, and is now forever lost in the beautiful abyss of mine. And I hear music that is coming deep from within. I hear my voice singing to them, confessing my feelings. A song that captures the moments we have shared. A song that connects my dreams and the reality of that precious nothingness, of that moment, before I open my eyes.
That is what I see.

VARYA is a Brooklyn based acoustic driven, gypsy-folk influenced, indie rock band.

Growing up in the far away land of Moldova, where Gypsy-Folk and Russian-Bard music was essential, singing was an inevitable path for Varya. A day would not go by without her being surrounded by the sweet sounds of her parents singing and gently strumming on guitar. Music was the first language she understood before even making a sound of her own. Since she was a little child, Varya sang in school choirs, performed with her father in local children’s shows and learned songs with her mother. She sang for those she loved, for those who listened. She sang everywhere and anywhere she’d go.

Then, at the tender age of 16, it finally happened. She wrote her first poem, which  became her first song, “Going Mad”. At that precise moment her passion sprouted. In her lyrics Varya had found something she did not even know she was looking for. She found a place where inspiration is never ending as it became the expression of her own soul. Her melodies brought peace and beauty into the world surrounding her. It was that delicious drop of burning connection to music, her voice and her heart, that made her want to share her songs with the rest of the world. She formed a band with local musicians of Brooklyn, which became a home, where she is able to experiment, grow and expand as an artist. With time, VARYA evolved from a solo singer/songwriter to a full band with a signature style that defies categorization.